God's Property

Team responsibilies include, but are not limited to:

  • maintain church facilities and grounds
  • maintain church-owned equipment
  • insurer health and safety of all facilities at Emmanuel
  • ensure a clean, welcoming environment
  • bring to council needs for major repairs and renovations
  • provide emergency or rapid repair services for facilities
  • organize property workdays
  • manage contract/vendor services
  • security and safety of the premise, including fire detection and extinguishing systems, and snow/ice removal from the walkways and parking areas

Report for 1/16/2018 Council Meeting

  • Completed Items:
    • Dulemba Landscaping was selected for our snow removal services.
    • Several restroom maintenance projects were completed. Thanks to Dana H. for helping.
    • Burned out light bulbs in the sanctuary and Luther Hall were replaced. Thanks to Mack and Steve for helping.
    • Due to the cold weather, the elevator stopped functioning. Thanks to Bob J. for getting it working again.
    • The circulating pump for the south wall heater of the narthex stop functioning weekend of the 6th. Our heating contractor corrected the problem.
  • Ongoing items:
    • Apparently, TJ has withdrawn his proposed Eagle Scout guardrail project.
    • Sanctuary thermostat:
      • Don is experimenting with the sanctuary temperature settings. We were advised by People’s Gas to look at keeping the temperature at a more constant setting for better efficiency.
      • The thermostat is very sensitive and it is easy to get the programmed settings out of whack. It needs to be kept locked. Don has drafted a procedure for a temporary temperature override. Anyone with a need to do an override should contact Don to review the procedure.
      • Don checked on replacing the thermostat with a simpler one. Tom M. explained that the thermostat is tied to the HVAC circuit board by a 12-15 wire data line and it is not practical to replace it at this time. This HVAC unit will likely need replacement in about three years and a different thermostat should be evaluated at that time.
    • Don is working on a plan to replace the dead batteries in the church exit signs and emergency lighting.
    • A property ministry team meeting steering committee is scheduled for February 6th at 6:30 PM. Other ongoing discussion items will be: folding chair seat pad replacements; dumpster security; Eve repair work.

Thermostat Manuals:

Manufacturer Model Location Comments Manual
American Standard BAYSENS019B1 Sanctuary If the thermostat in the sanctuary is locked, hold the "+" and "-" buttons together for a few seconds and it will unlock.  The instructions on the panel can then be followed to make adjustments in the temperature.
Lux TX9200E    
White & Rodgers 1F80-361    







Property Management Ministry Team


Council Rep: Don Schultze

Chairman: Volunteer Needed


Steven Foust
Stan Casper
Bob Jordan
Jim Lewis
Irv Pritts
Dave Whipkey
Dave Yeagar