Wednesday, May 16, 2018 at 11:15 AM
Saturday Vespers will return in the Fall. Check for our worship times after Labor Day.

God's Property

Team responsibilies include, but are not limited to:

  • maintain church facilities and grounds
  • maintain church-owned equipment
  • insurer health and safety of all facilities at Emmanuel
  • ensure a clean, welcoming environment
  • bring to council needs for major repairs and renovations
  • provide emergency or rapid repair services for facilities
  • organize property workdays
  • manage contract/vendor services
  • security and safety of the premise, including fire detection and extinguishing systems, and snow/ice removal from the walkways and parking areas

Report for 4/17/2018 Council Meeting

Work continues on repairing the emergency exit signs and emergency lighting.

A workday is scheduled for Saturday morning at 9 AM on April 21, 2018. Tools needed or to be provided are noted in parentheses. Pizza will be provided for lunch.

Interior cleanup:

  • Vacuum up dead bugs from windowsills (bring shop vac).
  • Clean windows in Heritage Hall (bring window cleaner stuff).
  • Some minor painting (materials will be provided).
  • Repair wall in the lower floor men’s restroom (materials will be provided).
  • Other cleanup projects to be determined.

Exterior cleanup:

  • Level sidewalk brickwork outside office door entrance (leveling sand and tools to be provided).
  • Remove leaves from shrubbery (bring leaf blowers).
  • Spray weeds in flowerbeds (round-up and sprayer to be provided).
  • Trim shrubbery at east end of church (bring clippers).
  • Prep and paint top of East HVAC ductwork (bring wire brush/paint to be provided).
  • Wash mildew off bricks at East exit (Clorox to be provided).
  • Fill large cracks in upper parking lot with tar (tar will be provided/need tools).
  • Other cleanup projects to be determined.

Please contact Irv Pritts or Don Schultze if you have any questions.

By Don Schultze (4/11/2018)

Thermostat Manuals:

Manufacturer Model Location Comments Manual
American Standard BAYSENS019B1 Sanctuary If the thermostat in the sanctuary is locked, hold the "+" and "-" buttons together for a few seconds and it will unlock.  The instructions on the panel can then be followed to make adjustments in the temperature.
Lux TX9200E    
White & Rodgers 1F80-361    








Property Management Ministry Team


Council Rep: Don Schultze

Chairman: Volunteer Needed


Steven Foust
Stan Casper
Bob Jordan
Jim Lewis
Irv Pritts
Dave Whipkey
Dave Yeagar