Fellowship & Outreach

Fellowship & Outreach

  • Community outreach
  • Prayer list
  • Quarterly fellowship event
  • Membership directory
  • New member sponsors


In the area of publicity, we continue to try to get as many pictures and articles as possible in the local papers regarding Emmanuel events. Updates to the Emmanuel website www.ourlutheranchurch.org are submitted and encouraged. Emmanuel banners and the street-side community banners are placed regularly. The committee plans and/or supports various events being held at Emmanuel designed to bring people into the church.

Welcoming Activities

Coffee hospitality and greeters are provided each Sunday. We continue to supply welcome pads and see that visitors are followed up. Receptions are held and pictures and write-ups on new members are posted in the narthex and placed in the Herald. “Welcome to Emmanuel” fliers are regularly updated and placed upstairs and downstairs so that those attending activities in our church might feel welcomed to attend our services also. Baby baskets are presented to the families of each new baby welcoming them into the congregation. Pastor Held conducts a New Member Information Class which includes several sessions to inform those joining of the Lutheran teachings as well as the opportunities for participation at Emmanuel, and he also does a pastoral contact as families express interest in becoming members of Emmanuel. A group has been established to be especially on the lookout for visitors to be sure they are greeted and welcomed.

Engaging/Connecting Activities

New members are invited to Sunday School and Adult Bible Class, and sponsors are provided to help them become involved in Emmanuel. The committee initiated the weekly e-newsletter to keep members informed and connected. The Congregation email system, phonevite system, and the email and phone prayer chain systems were established through the committee and remain in place. A new small group Bible Study as well as a men’s Saturday morning breakfast/discussion group have been started through this committee. The committee set up “Luther’s Lounge” in the old sanctuary and made internet available for meetings and for individual use. Name Tag Sundays are sponsored approximately 4 times a year to help members learn each other’s names. The committee encourages regular updates to the website enabling members to access lots of Emmanuel information such as a church calendar, the weekly announcements, and information about upcoming Emmanuel events and youth events. Pictures are taken regularly on Sunday mornings and emailed to the secretary for inclusion in the e-newsletter. We continue to encourage the use of the hearing devices that have been put in place for members and visitors who are hearing impaired. We welcome new members to the committee.

Involving Inactive Activities

Friendly calls are made to families who have not attended in a while to reaffirm their interest or hear any concerns they have. The committee also sponsors a visiting group with volunteers who visit shut-ins and those who could benefit from a personal contact. Several individuals or couples have been trained to do in-home communion for shut-ins and are available to be called on by Pastor to serve between his visits.



Fellowship & Outreach Ministry Team


Council Rep: Dorothy Datemasch